Dedicated Team Management model for software development

TDF has a committed, secured, competent and customized team extension model which takes account of your in-house department culture, practices and methodologies.

The reasons of having this model in place are:

  • Quick, specific technology and domain expertise acquisition
  • Flexible, fast paced system and scaling alignment with the client
  • Smoothly switch to fixed scope or dedicated team
  • The entire team is dedicated to the client’s project

For easy management, we have divided the responsibility in between the dedicated team and client:

Our Responsibility

  • Planning and development of formation of team
  • Developing relevant and important technical training program
  • Provision of infrastructure in general for office and especially for IT
  • Analyzing and implementing best HR practices
  • Transfer of knowledge and staff replacement

Client Responsibility

  • Overall roadmap about the product, strategy and priorities
  • Ownership of end-to-end product, including backlog management
  • Acceptance process and acceptance criteria ownership
  • End-to-end quality and delivery ownership
  • Governance framework support – feedback and review

Benefits of our dedicated team

Flexible versatility 

With the accessibility to local talent market and scale of regulatory framework, there is flexible versatility in management of the development team.

Continuous system monitoring

The real-time monitoring of process helps in checking and adjusting development progress and milestones.

Focused approach for clients 

Our team ensures that each client is given proper service so that they remain focused.

Well-established and mature IT market

TDF has competent, experienced and professional team members which are mandatory for software engineering.

Technical expertise

Our Company facilitates liaison with nearshore development centers along with client on specification, quality, design and feedback.

Technologies available for our clients

TDF supports multiple clients in fulfilling their technological requirements.

Our team ensures that the best practices are implemented in program management, talent acquisition and delivery. Whether you want to build specialized tech expertise, extend in-house teem or accelerate your software product development process, TDF will do it at quickly and effectively through TDF engagement models.

  • Managed services
  • Semi or dedicated team
  • Project-based
  • Managed capacity
  • Team extension

Our team will design a software in alignment with your business requirements.

Our company only hires talented and competent technical talent to ensure the team has the best engineers.


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