Streamline your system – offering exclusive, unique and effective software solution for your gym :

TDF takes privilege in offering exclusive Gym Management System for gyms – especially for those who want to add a new, unique feature in their services. The system is an excellent solution for medium to large size gyms or who have growing number of members.

As keeping proper records of the members become difficult with increase in members, Gym software can assist you in identifying the users and manage their timely memberships. These solutions have RFID feature so that accurate and timely information is maintained in the system.

The framework of this system is simple. When a person becomes a member, he/she is issued a membership card (RFID/Smart card) which is valid for certain time of period – sessions, days or combination of both – depending on the payment policy. Once the time frame or number of session expires, the member is notified about the payment for renewal of card.

Uniqueness of Gym Management System

  • Efficient record keeping of members
  • Multiple report generation
  • Easy management of membership policies
  • Prior payment notifications
  • Can be integrated with payment gateway via API
  • Post-paid/prepaid policy

Modules available are:


Membership Management

Employee Management

Manage Dashboard

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