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Welcome to The Design Firm – TDF, a leading digital marketing and SEO agency committed to producing quality strategies and results. We’re always looking for fresh voices and innovative thinkers to contribute to our blog. We’d love to publish your posts related to the following topics as a guest on our website: SEO, digital marketing, email marketing, social media, graphic design, web design and development, UI/UX, video editing, production, etc.

Why should you write for us?

Write for Us Digital Marketing SEO

Niche Authority

Your article would feature on our website – one of the most directed websites in the SEO and marketing niche with a solid authority score. Writing for us places your content among a highly specialized context, providing value to enthusiasts and professionals in your field.

Broad Exposure:

Publishing on The Design Firm can get your articles vast readership. Our massive organic monthly traffic guarantees maximum visibility and exposure for your work.

Industry Recognition:

Our site is recognized and featured on many leading websites in the digital marketing and SEO industry. Your inputs will be associated with a brand that commands respect, contributing to the growth of your credibility and professional portfolio.

Global Reach:

Publishing on our international platform means your articles can gain global viewership, adding to your influence and potentially connecting you to a large audience.

Professional Networking

Contributing to our site will give you a great chance to network with other thought leaders in the industry. You will be able to work together with other contributors, business, and innovation leaders aiming at mutual development through partnership opportunities.

Influence and Leadership:

You can establish significant influence in your industry by sharing the latest ideas, trends, and strategies. This is your opportunity to become a thought leader whose insights can help shape the future of not just SEO but overall digital marketing.

Submission Guidelines:

Human-only Content

Only articles written by humans are accepted here. Articles written using AI or showing AI footprints, detected by tools like CopyLeaks, ZeroGPT, Turnitin, etc., shall be declined. Also, please refrain from using AI-like phrases, including ‘in the dynamic landscape,’ ‘in the realm of,’ ‘unleash,’ ‘unlock,’ ‘elevate,’ etc.


All articles should have original content, and no article should have been published before. We strictly forbid any kind of plagiarism on our website, verifying originality through tools like Quetext and Copyscape. Contributors are also prohibited from republishing the articles they submit as guest bloggers on our site elsewhere.


We only accept factually correct articles. Facts are checked manually or through tools like Originality Fact Checker. Make sure your article doesn’t have any factual mistakes or errors.


We have set the minimum word count for each article at 1200 words to ensure that the topics are covered comprehensively.


Submissions should be free from grammatical errors. Proper use of English is the most crucial factor of acceptance here.  


The articles should be properly structured with appropriate subheadings. Use bullet points or numbering, wherever relevant, to enhance your article’s readability.


Please attach at least 3-4 quality and copyright-free images that complement the topic and interest your readers.

External Links:

Include links to relevant high-authority sites (DR80+/DA40+). Supporting your arguments with credible sources significantly enriches your content.

Content Limitation:

We do not accept posts that indirectly promote industries like casinos, CBD, or adult content, even if the primary focus is within our niche. We are purely focused on maintaining the integrity of our content and relevance to our core themes.


Please add a brief author bio (max 40 words), a professional headshot of the author, a LinkedIn profile link, and a Facebook profile link. We only allow real, verifiable authors; no potentially fake authors will be approved.

How to Submit the Guest Post

  • Draft your article: Ensure your article meets our guidelines.
  • Email: Send your article to our email: seo@thedesignsfirm.com. Don’t forget to include your brief bio and contact info.
  • Review Process: A representative from our side will review your submission. If your submitted article is selected for publication, we will get in touch with you.

Contact Us

Need help? Email us at seo@thedesignsfirm.com.

Thank you! We appreciate your interest in writing for TheDesignsFirm.com. We look forward to amazing ideas and awesome contributions from your side.

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