Online Earning Opportunities in Pakistan – Make Money in 2024

This article is specifically for Pakistanis who want to make money online and find online earning opportunities and websites in Pakistan without investment. It is divided into five sections, where different methods are discussed, including freelancing, blogging, vlogging and influencer marketing, and selling physical and digital products online. So, without wasting time, let’s get started.

01. Freelancing

The definition of freelancing is working for yourself, offering your skills and services to clients on a project-by-project basis rather than being a full-time employee of a company. Your skills and services can be anything that can be done remotely, like SEO and digital marketing services, web and graphic design services, etc. Freelancing is the easiest and quickest way to start your first online earning in Pakistan.

Fortunately, many freelancing websites are available in Pakistan, where every Pakistani can offer their skills and services to others and earn handsome amounts in dollars. These international freelancing websites have a huge number of users per month. Below is a list of some good freelancing websites available in Pakistan:

  • Upwork: It is a platform for freelancers to find remote jobs in various industries. Freelancers bid on projects, clients choose and pay, while Upwork takes a fee. Upwork supports Pakistan and offers withdrawal methods via Payoneer and wire transfer.
  • PeoplePerHour: It connects freelancers with clients for hourly projects. You create a profile, pitch for jobs, create gigs, and get paid through PayPal or Payoneer.
  • Guru: It is another famous freelance marketplace that supports Pakistan. You can work on this platform using your brand name and easily withdraw your earnings to your Payoneer account.
  • 99Designs: Pakistani designers! Showcase skills on 99Designs. Compete for design projects & get hired globally. Flexible pricing & secure payments let you build your freelance career. It supports payment methods such as Payoneer and Skrill for Pakistani freelancers.
  • WorkChest: This freelance platform was created only for Pakistani freelancers by a Pakistani, Hisham Sarwar. Freelancers can offer their services competitively, attracting potential clients looking for quality work within their budget. The platform provides multiple options to withdraw earned dollars into the local Pakistani currency PKR and transfer earnings to local bank accounts.

02. Blogging

Blogging is creating a website that people can access to read your articles/posts on your website; that website is called a blog, and the person publishing articles on that site is called a blogger. The collective activity is called blogging. You can earn money online in Pakistan by blogging. There are several ways of earning money through blogging, including affiliate marketing, sponsored ads, Google Adsense, and guest postings. Some big blogs also offer premium content for their paid members.

Earn Money from Blogging

Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing allows you to generate money by advertising the products or services of other companies. Other companies or websites give you a unique trackable link, which you must add to your articles; when someone clicks and buys other companies’ products or services using that link, you get a commission. Here is a list of websites that offer affiliate marketing in Pakistan.

Earning via Sponsored Ads and Google Adsense:

You can generate revenue through sponsor ads and Google AdSense. With sponsored ads, companies pay you to display their ads on your site, which is normally determined by the site traffic and audience demographics. Earning money with Google AdSense is possible by embedding Google ads on your website. You will make money each time a visitor clicks on the ads or views them, and your payment will be calculated on a pay-per-click or cost-per-impression basis.

Guest Posts and Sponsored Links

You can monetize your website by selling guest posts or sponsored links. Companies or individuals will pay you to post or link their information on your site. This could help increase their rankings and visibility on search engines. You can negotiate the rates based on factors like your site’s domain authority, traffic, relevance to the audience, and so on. Guest posts and sponsored link sales will steadily generate revenue while adding content to your site, thus building its authority.

03. Earn Money via Vlogging and Influencer Marketing

Like blogging, where you can earn money online by publishing articles on your website, Vlogging is a term used for creating video content, publishing it on video platforms like YouTube and Facebook, and earning dollars by monetizing your videos. On the other hand, Influencer Marketing is also connected to Vlogging. First, we should talk about influencer and influencer marketing. An influencer is a person who has a constant presence on social media platforms with many followers. Influencer marketing is when businesses collaborate with influencers to endorse their products or services to their followers. The core of it is contemporary word-of-mouth marketing using trust and people’s opinions.

04. Selling Physical Products Online

There are multiple ways to sell physical products online and earn money in Pakistan. We are classifying those ways into two categories: first, the ways where you can start selling physical products without investment, and second, we list the ways that need some investment to start.

04>01. Ways for Selling Physical Products Online in Pakistan Without Investment

POD Marketplaces

Print on Demand (POD) is a business model where products are customized and produced only when customers order. POD usually uses digital printing technology, so designs or artwork are printed on various products, including t-shirts, mugs, phone cases, etc. With the advent of this technology, a customer who places an order will have their item printed, assembled, and shipped directly to them, often by a third-party POD service provider. And the person who made that design gets their commissions. The top 3 famous POD service providers are Redbubble, Teepublic, and Teesping. All these POD marketplaces are available in Pakistan and 100% free to start making money on their platforms. The withdrawal method is Payoneer.

Markaz App

Make your phone a revenue-generating platform with Markaz! This app lets you resell trendy clothing and fashion items without upfront investment. Browse their catalogue, choose products you like, mark your profit margin, and share them with friends and family. Markaz is responsible for handling all the deliveries and receiving the payments. Collect cash at your convenience and easily grow a side hustle!

Make Money with ChiChip

ChiChip is a website offering dropshipping and POD services (note: dropshipping is Haram in Islam, but it is also a way to earn money from ChipChip, so I’m mentioning it here). With this website, you can earn dollars online in Pakistan without investment. How does this website work? The answer to this question is not possible in just one line. This site gives you 3 ways of earning money: 1 is completely free, and the other 2 require a small yearly investment.

Free Method of Earning from ChipChip

The free method is print-on-demand (POD); this website also offers a POD marketplace like Redbubble and Teepublic, called TeeChip. You need to create high-quality, attractive designs that can be placed on t-shirts, mugs, hoodies, etc.. Sign up for free on ChipChip, go to the print-on-demand section, and you will see the option to select a website. Select TeeChip from the given drop-down menu; after choosing the site, you can start selecting and designing products from the available ChipChip catalogue. You can see your products in TeeChip’s marketplace when you upload your designs and select products. This site takes some time to review your design; after reviewing it, they will live your product.

Other 2 Methods of Earning from ChipChip That Need Small Yearly Amount

The other 2 methods are buying a domain from ChipChip and earning money with your brand and website. You only need to buy a domain from ChipChip. Unfortunately, you can’t buy a domain from any other domain registrar. Currently, ChipChip cannot connect a domain purchased from somewhere else. But the good news is, you don’t need a separate hosting to host your site. ChipChip has a built-in hosting and website builder. Once you buy a domain from ChipChip, you can set up your website within your ChipChip dashboard.

Now, ChipChip gives you two options: dropshipping and POD. You can start dropshipping and POD under your brand name. Just select products, add them to your store, market them, drive traffic, and earn money online at home. ChipChip will handle everything from product sourcing, packaging, and shipping to customer support. You can withdraw your earned money via Payoneer to your local bank accounts or JazzCash account. To know more, check out this How ChipChip Works page.

Make Money with Facebook Groups, Marketplace, and OLX

Many people are unaware of the Facebook marketplace and the potential of Facebook groups. Nowadays, Pakistanis who know about these two things earn a lot of money by selling products through Facebook groups and the marketplace. Both of these earning methods from Facebook are simple and easy to implement. All you need is a smartphone and products to sell. If you don’t have products, you can collaborate with other shopowners and make a deal to sell their products and take your commissions; in other words, affiliate marketing but without a website. Take pictures of the products and upload them to Facebook, set the price, and wait for the customers to see and contact you. Like Facebook, you can also use OLX to sell products online for free.

Sell Physical Products Online in Pakistan

04>02. Ways for Selling Physical Products Online in Pakistan That Need Small Investment

Sell Products on Daraz

Daraz is the largest e-commerce platform in Pakistan. It is like the Amazon of Pakistan, where you can buy and sell almost anything. But you need products to sell on this site, so you must invest to earn money from Daraz. To learn how to sell on Daraz, check out this official Sell on Daraz page or watch this video.

Sell Products on Amazon

Amazon is an online shopping website that empowers individuals and businesses to sell anything they can think of to be bought by millions of customers worldwide. To sell on Amazon, you can read this article. You may need proper training on hunting and selling products on Amazon. So, you should also check out some YouTube tutorials and Udemy courses or get support from Extreme Commerce or the Enablers group.

Start an E-commerce Store

Most people love to buy online during this internet era. This opens another opportunity for sellers to benefit from selling their products online. The good news is that creating an online e-commerce store is not so difficult. You need just a domain name, hosting, a website, and a registered company to enable payment processing functionality on your website, as well as products to sell. To register a company, you can get help from EvolutionPK and for domain, hosting, website development, payment gateway integration, SEO and marketing, you can contact us. We offer every type of e-commerce store-building service. Whether you are interested in a WordPress website or Shopify or need a custom website, we can help you with all these works. For products, you can search your local area wholesaler, Daraz or Alibaba, to buy products in bulk at cheap rates.

Sell Products on International Marketplaces

You can sell your products from Pakistan on eBay, Etsy, and Alibaba. To know more, you can check out the following links:

05. Selling Digital Products Online

Many things can be considered digital products, such as Courses, E-Books, Themes, Tools, Graphics, etc. Below are some ways where any Pakistani can sell digital products online and earn a good amount of money through them:

  • Create Courses: You can earn money by creating and selling courses online through your blog or third-party course-selling platforms like Udemy. Udemy is also available in Pakistan. This site has a Payoneer option for withdrawing money.
  • Sell on Envato: Envato is a marketplace where anyone can buy and sell multiple things like website templates, themes, plugins, graphics, video templates, audio, and much more. You can withdraw your money via Payoneer or bank transfer.
  • Sell Graphics on Canva: Canva is a leading website that sells many graphics. You can buy and sell graphics on Canva. The earned money withdrawal method is Payoneer. To learn more, visit this page.
  • Create Apps and Sell: If you are an app developer, you can create and sell apps on Apple’s app store and Google Play store and earn money from your apps.
  • Sell Domains and Websites: If you have a good domain name or a running revenue-generating website and you need big money in a short, quick time, then you can use websites like Flippa or other similar sites to sell your websites and domain names.

Final Thoughts

I hope you like the article and that it will help you earn a good amount of money. This article is written by a Pakistani and specifically for Pakistanis to help you figure out what possible opportunities are available for online earning in Pakistan. I have shared my experience and knowledge honestly and do my best. You can ask in the comments section if you are still confused about anything or if you have a question.

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