E-commerce Web Development Strategies for Your Business

After this global pandemic e-commerce is growing rapidly all around the world. With offering unique opportunities to businesses to connect with their audience. It is one of the highly known terms for us these days. After coronavirus and contributes to the highest internet usage (amongst online streaming, social media, gaming, and information transfer). With an introduction to this term of e-commerce and the explosion of online e-commerce stores. Online shopping has become one of the latest shopping standards.

Some experts predict that the sales of online stores are expected to increase by about 7.9% by 2023 and compared to 2019 the 14.1% global retail sales will reach up to 22% global retail sales by 2023.

Moreover, it is obvious that when you can easily shop online, seamlessly pay to checkout. Then conveniently have your ideal pair of shoes, exceptional new clothes, or even a custom-made computer straight to your home. You may think the process isn’t that complicated which automatically leads to the increase in e-commerce sales.

As a leading digital marketing agency with parallel to providing amazing web development solutions. The Design Firm has helped a lot of their clients and brands to grow sales through e-commerce. So experts at The Design Firm decided to evaluate certain e-commerce web development strategies. That can help you in the future with your e-commerce store.

Web Development Strategies for E-commerce

Having an online presence offers many opportunities for companies. To create connections that are conducive to growth. So regardless, of whether you are building or re-vamping your website. There are a few elements or strategies that you have to always keep in mind.

Foresee What Your Customer Wants:

There are two types of customers that will usually come to your website. One who knows what they want to purchase and the other one just wants to have look around and browse through your website. However, you can mature both of them by designing effective search and navigation capabilities.

A user which already knows what they are looking for doesn’t like to spend a lot of their time rolling their tires and usually do not put their much attention, so you need to make sure that when your customer wants to buy a specific product, they want to find it as quickly and easily as possible. Everything else along the way is rarely pleasant and is often distracting or worse, disgusting.

Then other users are just looking around and browsing through your product range. What they need is user-friendly navigation that gives them an overview of what’s on offer and allows them to easily switch between product categories.

So make sure while your web development, designing and navigation functions on your website are exceptional as it results in increasing conversion, average order rate, and bounce rate.

Uncomplicated Purchasing Process:

It is often observed that most of the time people abandoned shopping when they are on the cart option due to the complicated and check-out process.

So when the e-commerce website development comes to the actual buying process. The path to high conversion is simple, straightforward, and distraction-free. Plus, make sure it meets all your payment processing needs and security.

Moreover, making your customer sign up before making a purchase should also be avoided as obtaining your customer’s contact information should not run the risk of alienating them.

Optimized Site Performance & SEO Strategy:

Getting your website ranked in Google SERPs and driving potential traffic to your website is very crucial for any e-commerce brand. Proper implementation of SEO and search marketing is the only factor that enables you to rank higher in the SERPs and generate relevant traffic.

The effort is worth it because the CTR in the search results drops from the first to the second position by more than half.

Website performance and page load speed also have a huge impact on its UX and Google ranking. Impatient shoppers quickly abandon slow websites. According to one statistic, 40% of shoppers leave the page if the page takes more than 3 seconds to load. Moreover, the load speed of mobile devices has also become part of Google’s algorithms for ranking pages.

Due to this, major factors make sure your website development is done accordingly following all the parameters as it helps you in gaining potential customers and higher conversions.

Mobile-Friendly Web Development:

It is a universal fact that mobile devices are the first choice of users and google has even set standards. That all websites must adhere to because any web development that is not responsive for mobile devices will fall back big time.

This introduction becomes even more important for e-commerce players as traffic to e-commerce sites has increased through the mobile platform.

Developing an eCommerce website shouldn’t be a daunting task. As with the advancement in the technological world there have been many platforms and plugins, which make this task easy for you. Nevertheless, web development agencies like The Design Firm is always around the corner for their customers to make their lives easy.

Ecommerce web development like Twikster, Zepo, Shopify is some of the best e-commerce platform solutions to work with. However, you need to keep in mind that providing the best service to customers is a must to get the best profits.


In a nutshell, based on the strategies discussed above it, is obvious that for a successful e-commerce website your design and marketing efforts should complement each other.

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