How to Create an E-commerce Experience that People Love?

Nowadays, if you want to become a successful e-commerce business owner, a great customer experience is essential. According to recent digital trends predicted by The Design Firm is that customers value business relationships that predict their needs and offer simple, unforgettable experiences on the devices of their choice.

Companies that don’t focus on making it will find it difficult to survive. The customer experience in e-commerce is quickly becoming a major differentiator. Moreover, now e-commerce website development companies have made it their top priority to provide their clients with a website that provides the best customer experience.

Online has become the linchpin of maintaining or losing business relationships, and it is very common for brands and retailers to develop relationships.

In this article, we will enlighten you with ample knowledge regarding how to create an e-commerce experience that can make you a fortune in 2021 and enables you to improve customer loyalty, retention, and lifetime value of your customer with your brand.

Let’s discuss the essential elements to improve the e-commerce website development company customer e-commerce experience considered by The Design Firm experts an:

Make It a Personalized Experience:

This pandemic has sparked a compelling cultural reset in terms of consumer attitudes towards shopping and new habits are likely to have formed and consumers are increasingly looking for a more personalized experience.

Retailers making it personal for the customer is one of the crucial factors of customer loyalty and retention. You have to treat the customers individually and make them feel valued.

Mention below are some personalization attractions that can make the customer valued:

  • Individual discounts on goods or services for customers relevant to them.
  • Through AI implementation remember what customers usually search for and show them a recommendation of products according to their recently viewed items.
  • Communicate with them in their native language.

Ensure Mobile Friendly Websites:

While talking about the customer experience you need to provide a seamless and trouble-free experience to your customer either it is on a smartphone or tablet or any other device.

However, if we particularly talk about mobile-friendliness. Mobile shopping accounts for 50% of an online e-commerce transaction.

It has been seen that Walmart increased its sales by 98% after improving its sites for mobile.

With a responsive mobile-friendly website, it doesn’t matter you have millions of product pages or 5 pages your shoppers will increase your sales and potentially your ranking also.

UX Enhancement:

UX enhancement means creating a better balance between the aesthetic and functionality of the overall website. That is why UX audit on monthly basis by an e-commerce web development company is necessary for every e-com business owner.

There are number of factors considered while creating and maintaining a website balance.

First and foremost is your content, it should be engaging in both an educational and aesthetic manner and should be well aligned to provide a smooth e-commerce experience. After that, the site navigation and functionality play a vital role because the customer should not feel any type of confusion and trouble while navigating through the site.

Merging the above factors concludes you to provide immerse experience to your customer and lock them in. Once you can see through your customer perspective you all will want to make your brand’s digital experience worthwhile.

PRE & POST Purchase ECX:

Firstly, if we talk about PRE purchase ECX. If you have an e-commerce website, your website’s “satisfying your customers’ experience” journey has started even before an individual converts into a paying customer. Whenever a person notices your brand. From there onwards whatever the elements a customer sees is part of a customer experience.

In addition to this, educating your passing-by customers is the best way to attract and engage them with your brand. This can be easily done by answering few questions instantly, such as:

  • What is your brand offering?
  • What’s in it for your customer?
  • What are my options?

Secondly, now customer experience is followed by the actual purchasing process if these three questions have delivered themselves in a lead converting manner. So all the moments that occur during this process and after this also are accountable in the e-commerce customer experience.

Therefore, at this point, your customer will be requiring more details regarding your product’s specs, pricing, availability and with all these, he will be willing to check out all the transactional & company policies to make sure is he making the right decision.

With all this information provided now, it’s a deciding time whether or not your prospect will purchase or not. While, during this journey, it can be essential for you if you present some upsell & cross-sell offers to make your customer valued and give them a personal association coming from your brand.

Finally, if your customer has decided to make a purchase. Here, you have to ensure that he can complete the whole purchasing process within a very limited time and through a smooth and trouble-free process.

Now people think that their work is done after a customer has made a purchase. But, in reality, now it has only begun. Customer retention and convincing your consumer to buy more and more from you should be your ultimate goal instead of making yourself relax just after one purchase.

On that account, it can be only done by staying in close contact with your customer. It can be done by:

  • Improving the concerns provided by dissatisfied customers and letting them know that we have worked over their concerns.
  • Providing value to the customer by offering discounts and developing programs of their benefits.
  • Letting them know what is new for them in your market.
  • Educate them with the added values your product or services can provide.
  • Introduce personalize packages for specific clients. (Will mostly work for service industry).

With that said, a big part of handing over an exceptional customer experience is done with providing a high value of customer retention. Plus, many of the e-commerce website development companies are continuously making efforts to provide the best “PRE-Post Purchase journey” to the prospects of their clients.


All in all, here we have introduced you to some of the biggest factors to improving the customer experience on e-commerce websites which are highly expected to grow in upcoming years to come.

Of course, that is not the whole story and nobody can predict the future. The best thing we can do is be privy to modern developments and what is behind them and make a few knowledgeable guesses about what is to come next.

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