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Owning a business without having a professional website in today’s world is just like owning a boat in the desert.

After experiencing the 2020 devastating pandemic, the whole world has encounter lots of different challenges. Some traditional businesses have been blown to dust while others who were playing a good part in the digital world and were able to carry along with digitalization have made fortune out of their business.

Entrepreneurs by now have understood that if they want their business to survive in this digital era an up to the mark and adequate online presence is what you will need the most. Therefore, owners of creative web development companies are taking full advantage of this revolution.

When you talk about the online presence it is basically the online marketing that you are doing which includes different types of strategies like social media marketing, search engine marketing, SEO, email marketing and etc. However, whatever the strategy you apply if you do not have a professional website with a friendly website design all your marketing efforts are going into dust.

A website can help you accomplish all of the different marketing strategies as a website is a backbone. The website has a much extensive reach than any other form of advertising. Your website becomes the focus of your company’s online presence. After all, your online presence can benefit or ruin your business.

You can market your business online with a website and online presence strategy. A website is also important to a because it helps build credibility and reliability. Moreover, a website helps you to represent your customers as to why they should trust you through the testimonials of your previous customers.

Web sites generally provide a map and directions to the company’s stores or offices so that visitors can easily find their location. Today people are busy and smart too. They don’t have time to visit the store, they search the internet for the product or service before buying, they can know the brand, features, price, size, and color through their website.

Why Website Design Matters:

Whether consciously or not we all are attracted to visuals and are naturally drawn towards creative and good designs. When it comes to the design of your website, users always judge your business based on your website UI/UX and often stop interacting if your website delivers a poor customer experience. So, as your customer’s care about the designs every creative web development company and other businesses are sharp-eyed on this factor.

Here are some insightful facts about why website design is important:

  • 75% of users deduce a company’s credibility based on its visual design alone. (Source)
  • 94% of healthcare website users’ first impressions were related to design. (Source)
  • To make the first impression of your website design a visitor only takes 50 milliseconds. (Source)
  • 38% of people will stop interacting with your website if your content and layout is unattractive. (Source)

Important Factors of Good Web Design:

We have already discussed that customers care about good website design so it is obvious that if you have a professional website design it will automatically impact your business revenues and your marketing strategies.

Now let’s take a look at some major factors which play a vital role when your website design looks good.

User Interference/Usability:

Usability is one of the major factors on which creative web development companies are highly focused. Researches shows that 52% of the users are looking for an about us page of your business, 86% of the visitors want to see the product or service information and 65% and 65% are looking for contact information.

So, if your web design will make things difficult to find you will make your user frustrate and drive them away. Therefore, the poor usability of your business website can directly affect your business.

Navigation Should Be Easier:

Custom website design agencies have always been following one simple rule regarding the navigation of a website, that is “Keep it Simple, Stupid”. Navigation in a website is also a really important element when a user is making choices. As a rule of thumb, if we keep the options as simple as possible to make it easier for users to decide, try to keep the number of options down to seven or fewer.

So if we decide to provide a user with unnecessary choices on our business website it will probably convince our customer on leaving our website.

Web Design Should Be Mobile-Friendly:

Most of the online searches nowadays are done on mobile devices, and this trend is only set to continue. Now that Google is pushing a mobile-first approach, a mobile-friendly website design is a must to stay relevant and be found online. Industry personals think that a company’s mobile website design should be as good or better than desktop website design.

Too often, creative web development companies are busy making a website look perfect on the desktop, like a brochure, but good website design should go well beyond a single screen. Your website should look great and work on devices of all sizes.


Finally, great website design isn’t all about the visual representation of the front end. The way design is put together behind the scenes can profoundly affect things like search engine optimization.

A website design can look great on the outside, but if you have awkward coding or too many large images that slow it down, it can turn off visitors and negatively impact SEO marketing. Smart designs or technologies that look good but ultimately hurt a website’s optimization.

So Your Website Design Making the Right Impact:

As a great website involves a lot more than just design, customers want and expect a compelling visual design and will evaluate your business by its looks before reading a single word.

So, to make a great first impression of your business online, the most powerful tool that any custom website design agency and other businesses are focused on is a website and its design.

If you are looking for help in creating a highly effective and influential website. Let us know!!

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Unaiza Khan

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