Instagram Post Reach Service by UseViral: Pros, Cons, and Risks

Instagram post reach service by UseViral claims to boost your post reach (the number of people seeing your post) by engaging with your content through its network of users. The pros are that it potentially increases views and engagement. The cons are that engagement might not be genuine, could look spammy, and violate Instagram’s terms. The risks are account suspension, action blocks, and harming your reputation. Consider organic growth strategies instead. Read the full article for more details.

Introduction to UseViral

UseViral is a website where anyone can buy social media growth services. These services will help everyone grow their social media presence and engagement on social platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Facebook in a very short time.

Services Offered by UseViral:

1. Follower Growth: UseViral claims that they can boost the number of your followers on social media platforms in a very short time. So, you don’t have to put too much time and effort into growing your social media pages and channels.

2. Engagement Rate Boost: UseViral claims that they have a large network of their own people who can boost your posts’ engagement rate in a very short time through their likes, comments, and shares.

3. Content Promotion: Through using the services of UseViral, your content is strategically promoted across social platforms by reproducing and posting your content to reach a wider audience and increase your online presence.

4. Platform Variety: The company’s services are available for all leading social media platforms, such as Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, TikTok, Facebook, and Twitter, which means that its target audience is multi-faceted content creators.

5. Customization: UseViral is a growth strategy, and you can customize it according to your brand, needs, and wishes.

How UseViral Works:

1. Identifying Your Audience: UseViral helps you to identify your niche/target audience based on their interests, demographics, and patterns of engagement.

2. Harnessing a Network of Likeminded Users: UseViral will capitalize on its users with the same interests as your audience to have a significant portion of your content introduced to those people who are expected to interact authentically with it.

3. Cultivating Genuine Engagement: UseViral cultivates organic engagements through a mix of likes, follows, comments, and shares from their own network of users, and this lets them build relationships beyond social media.

Is UseViral Legit?

Is UseViral Legit

I believe the answer to this question is that you should avoid using UseViral. Why am I saying that? Because review sites and community discussion sites like Reddit are full of negative reviews. There are also positive ones, but if we compare both the positive ones and the negative ones, the percentage of negative ones is higher than the percentage of positive ones. I am listing some sites below where you can check out what others say about UseViral after buying their services.

  1. Reddit page discussion
  2. SiteJabber reviews (1.64 Stars Rating)
  3. Review XP (1 Star Rating)
  4. Scam Adviser (Trust Score is 26/100)

Instagram Post Reach Service by UseViral

Among UseViral’s many social media services nowadays, one is very famous: Instagram Post Reach. UseViral’s “Instagram Post Reach Service” is a tactic that is geared towards increasing the number of unique users who see your Instagram post. They assert that they accomplish this by means of engaging your content through their own network of users, who like, comment on, and view your posts. Let’s talk about the pros, cons, and risks of the Instagram post reach service by UseViral.


  • Increased Visibility: The service promises to “increase your post reach” by generating likes, comments, and views. This surge of initial engagement could hypothetically push your content up Instagram’s algorithm, displaying it to a much broader and organically reached audience. 
  • Social Proof: A post with lots of interactions could generate a bandwagon effect, making it seem more interesting and thus trustworthy to see or follow. 
  • Quicker Results: It is faster than most organic growth methods.


  • Inauthentic Engagement: The main concern is that fake engagement will put the audience off. The account might generate likes, comments, and views from a network of their own, which is not even from the audience who really are interested in the brand by using UseViral. This can:
  • Hurt Credibility: Fake engagement can be dangerous for your brand because it can make your brand seem inauthentic and create a lack of trust between you and your customers. This may lead to a damaged reputation.
  • Appear Spammy: By a rapid rake of likes and comments coming from who knows where the account can look like a spammer and just turn away the genuine ones.


  • Algorithm Penalties: Instagram aims at the users’ experience, and it always bans actions that are not genuine. If Instagram detects your account relying heavily on paid engagement, they might:
  • Reduce Organic Reach: It can happen that your post will be served only to a few users, which, in turn, will affect your long-term growth.
  • Action Block: Instagram might temporarily have restrictions on some accounts, such as likes or comments.
  • Account Suspension: In the worst cases of Instagram’s suspension, it could even take away your account from you completely.
  • Short-Term Gains, Long-Term Risks: There is a chance that the increase in the reach [which usually lasts temporarily] is just a one-time occurrence, and you continue using UseViral for ongoing engagement. This is a case of no audiences being built and no brand loyalty.

Final Thoughts

Although UseViral’s Instagram post-reach service promises a shortcut to increased reach on Instagram, the negative consequences of this service are noteworthy. Fake engagement harms your reputation and results in Instagram penalties that may be applied for a long time to come, hence hindering your business growth. 

My Advice

Using UseViral’s services is full of risks. If you really care about your business’s online presence, you should avoid these shortcuts. Instead of using these types of platforms, you should focus on prioritizing organic approaches like creating quality content and engaging with your potential clients. This is a long-term strategy, and as a result, it makes steady progress and remains on Instagram for a long time.

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