Improve the User Experience on Your E-Commerce Website

“People ignore the design that ignores people”

— Frank Chimero, Designer

According to our experts in e-commerce website development, creating a flawless UX design with a frictionless user experience all over the website can increase your customer conversion rates massively up to 200%! Amazing, right?

The world of e-commerce market has become highly competitive. Every business is fighting for the same spot. So, if we talk about what is the key to success?

In our opinion, the most important factor and key to success for e-commerce retailers and business owners are to provide a seamless user experience and customer service. You must ensure that your customer is always being valued and does not feel any trouble scrolling and buying through your website.

Imagine you decided to pay a visit at a wholesale store and it is taking you hours to find certain products that should be at the front. Salespersons and other officials are not providing much assistance as they are already pretty occupied. Finally, when you see the billing line you have an idea that it is going to take forever here and then you decided to just leave.

This is entirely how a user feels on your e-commerce website when you don’t focus on giving an exceptional user experience.

That’s why professionals at The Design Firm an e-commerce website development company make sure that our developers consider all the needs of the users while developing any website, application, or software because if that is not done, in the end, it will be falling apart ultimately.

So now if you are worried about what would it take to shape up a quintessential e-commerce UX for your websites’ visitors, we got you covered here. In this article, we will exhibit you to the most effective approaches you can take to improve your e-commerce customer experience.

Website Should Be Highly Optimized for Mobile:

Optimizing your website speed and loading time on both mobile phones and desktops are equally important.

However, if we specifically talk about mobile phones. According to Statista mobile devices accounts for 48% of all the website’s page views. That is why mobile optimization has now become a vital focus all around the globe. People now expect you to provide them a smoother and faster shopping experience and if you fail to provide them that you just lost a potential customer.

Due to this, developers all around are now more focused on mobile optimization, plus the recent google updates. Google crawling, indexing, and positioning framework will currently use the mobile version of your website to index and rank your page.

Impulsive Navigation & Search Result:

Imagine walking into a store and find clothing and washing powders mixed up with each other in a single section…what’s the impact and how will it make you feel? Lost and uncertain right?

Your e-commerce website can give the same feeling to your customer if you are not focused on your site navigation. It will take hours for them to find out the goods they’re trying to find and locating the brand new ones becomes nearly impossible for them.

Navigation is a tool that assists the user in the right direction so always make it protruding and well organized. Make it simpler and easy to find the category and subcategories’ names so the user does not get lost in the sea. In addition to this, never forget the influence of the search bar on the shoppers as it makes it much easier for a customer to navigate what are they looking for.

Educate with Product Information

With so many things to check, it is really important to keep the product details page squeaky clean but informative for the user. It is one of the most essential pages on an e-commerce website with the following major factors to consider:

  1. Details should be understandable and eye-catching.
  2. Detailed product images with large and 360°
  3. Add a highly visible CTA.
  4. Customer reviews and feedbacks should be prominent.

Provide Instant Customer Support

Instant customer support like live chat is a fast, efficient and convenient way to guide your lost customer. When we asked about their preferences, customers say that live chat is always a better option for them instead of email, social media, or even phone support.

However, if we talk about e-commerce websites the advantages of live chat stretch far beyond just providing your buyer with a faster and easy way to connect with your customer support team.  It helps you to get to know your customers well and provides valuable insights into your customer behaviors.

It saves time for both your customers and your company, increases customer engagement, and parallel to improving the support experience it can increase your agent productivity.

Uncomplicated & Secure Payment Process

According to Baymard, nearly 1 out of 5 shoppers abandoned the cart due to the long and complicated check-out process. This is why the payment and check-out process should always be concise and uncomplicated for the customer.

What can a company do to make this process trouble-free and efficient?

Here are some factors which you must hold on to for making things less difficult for your customers to grow your e-commerce sales.

  • Do not ask the shopper to sign up before checking out as it is a major conversion rate killer.
  • Provide them with numerous payment method options.
  • If the registration is extremely important for you then users should be able to sign in from Facebook and Google.
  • Assure security and privacy of their billing details.
  • Try to ask for the minimum amount of information while they make a purchase.

Try not to irritate the user because only then your check-out process will scare them resulting in zero sales.

Wrapping Up

Always remember it doesn’t matter from which industry you belong, a customer-first design approach should always be your brands’ main focus. Anticipating customer needs to create a better UX is all about improving customer engagement and increasing your sales ultimately.

I hope after reading this article you have a clear idea regarding how to create a decent user experience for your customers and take your e-commerce sales to a whole new level.

Unaiza Khan Web Developer


Unaiza Khan

Greetings! I am a Frontend Web Developer and Designer with expertise in CMS development, UI/UX design, and E-commerce websites strategy. With proficiency in WordPress, WooCommerce, Wix, Bootstrap, CSS, HTML5, Javascript, and Shopify, I bring a professional and experienced approach to crafting visually appealing and functionally robust websites.

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